211 Innovations Improve Accessibility

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Last year 211 team members fielded more than 20 million calls nationally, connecting struggling people with essential resources to solve their health care, housing, and food problems. From the first hello, 211 team members offered comfort and hope.

As one 211 specialist, Mercy Magu, said:

“People who contact 211 want someone who can listen to them, provide them with resources, and assist them to keep hope alive.”

United Way of Champaign County is proud to provide support for 211 service in our community. Our local 211 center has recently launched three new initiatives that will increase accessibility: texting, an improved online Resource Database, and the 211 Counts data portal.

Now available: Texting

For many in our community, texting is a preferred way to communicate. Now, 211 help is available via text! Text your ZIP Code to 898 211 to get connected with a trained 211 specialist. Hours of operation are currently 9am -4pm.

Improved Community Resource Database

Our local 211 provider has recently updated their online resource database to make it even easier for people to find community resources online. Access the database any time at www.navigateresources.net/path/ .

Real-time Data Reporting via 211 Counts

2-1-1 Counts is the first tool to provide real-time, searchable and visual presentations of data from 211 call centers across the nation. Using 2-1-1 Counts, you’ll find a snapshot of community-specific needs displayed by ZIP code, region or call center as recently as yesterday, enabling you to easily check trends, make comparisons and share information. This information can help researchers, nonprofits, governments and service providers better understand the challenges facing our community members.

Collage of six images, all close-ups of faces