Designation Policy

When you choose to give directly to a specific agency or another United Way, the following procedures apply:
  • A minimum amount of $100 is required for each separate agency designated. You may designate as many agencies as you wish, but each must be a 501c charitable organization.
  • In the event a designation received is less than the $100 minimum, the funds will be distributed through the Community Impact Fund.
  • Designations to United Way member agencies will be paid separately from their United Way allocation.
  • A 6% fee for administration will be deducted on those designations to a 501c3 organization. This fee will not exceed $60.
  • Funds will be forwarded to agencies based on compliance with the USA PATRIOT ACT.
  • There are no fees for gifts made to the Community Impact Fund, or the Education, Income and Health Building Blocks.
  • Per C5/Parkland Agreement, $100 minimum for agency designations does not apply.
Gifts not indicating a choice or not meeting these guidelines will be distributed through the Community Impact Fund. United Way of Champaign County does not provide fiscal or program oversight for funds designated to a specific agency, nor can it certify the financial or program viability of agencies for those programs not reviewed by our volunteer committees.