Diversity and Inclusion

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United Way strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion. Our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers reflect the many faces, cultures, and walks of life that proudly make up our world.

We respect, value, and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We also believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our communities. It is our aim, therefore, that our partners, strategies, and investments reflect these core values.

Read the June 5, 2020 Board statement here.


Meet the United for Equity Committee

Valena Claiborne

Committee Chair

Valena Claiborne

Valena is a member of the United Way Board of Directors. In addition to her work as Chair of the United for Equity Committee, she serves on the Board's Executive Committee.

Committee Members

Mary Adams

Amy Armstrong

Jamar Brown

Demetria Candler

Demond Dade

Kara Johnson*

Carla McCowan

Eric Reynolds

Bob Rowe*

JoAnna Smith

Kandace Turner

Mary Wakefield

Jewell White*


* Denotes United Way Board Member