Bottom Line Diaper Bank, by United Way

Diaper Bank Volunteers holding diapers

What is the Bottom Line Diaper Bank?

Diapers are more than just a necessity; they're the bottom line for the well-being of Champaign County families. But they're also expensive - the average family spends upwards of $80 per month. Running out of diapers is like running out of toilet paper. Just imagine the stress when a parent reaches for a clean diaper only to find an empty box - and not enough money to purchase more. No baby should have to spend all day in a soiled diaper.

We're here to make sure that all families in our community have enough diapers to keep their baby healthy. We provide diapers free of charge to local programs serving parents and caregivers facing financial difficulties, offering a helping hand during challenging moments.

Thanks to United Way's network of volunteers, corporate partners and generous supporters, we are able to source, repack, and distribute over 12,000 diapers every month.

Why is it important?

The National Diaper Bank Network defines diaper need as “the lack of sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or child clean, dry, and healthy”. They also report that 1 in 2 families in America experience this need. Families spend upwards of $80 per month on diapers - and for people with limited means, this can be a big challenge. Some parents are forced to leave their baby in the same diaper for an entire day because they do not have access to a sufficient supply of diapers. By providing diapers to our trusted partner programs, we are helping babies and toddlers stay healthy, happy, and dry - while boosting families' bottom line.

How can I get help from the Bottom Line Diaper Bank?

Parents and caregivers in need of diapers should connect with one of our local Diaper Partners:

How can I help support United Way's Bottom Line Diaper Bank?

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  • Donate unopened packs of disposable diapers at the United Way of Champaign County office
  • Make a donation to United Way's Diaper Bank
  • Host a diaper drive or repack diapers- Email Carolyn Butterfield at United Way of Champaign County for information!
  • Instead of gifts or favors for birthdays, weddings, or baby showers, ask for diapers.
  • Consider corporate sponsorship - contact United Way for details
  • Spread the word to your family and friends about diaper need through Facebook, Twitter, email, and blogs. 


FAQ - Why disposable diapers?

The Diaper Bank primarily serves families living at or below the poverty line. For the majority of low-income families, cloth diapers just aren’t a feasible option.

Many families that the Diaper Bank serves do not have access to laundry facilities in their home or shelter AND also do not have access to a personal vehicle. This means that in order to use cloth diapers, families would have to load up dirty diapers and take public transportation to the laundromat nearly every day. Additionally, some daycare providers do not allow cloth diapers. Providing disposable diapers is how we believe we can make the biggest impact for low-income families.