Show Up United

One dozen smiling people of many races and ethnicities

Together we can make our community more equitable and stronger

The power of caring and connection has never been greater. 

The collective effort of donors and volunteers in Champaign County helped our community get through the pandemic. Thanks to those efforts United Way of Champaign County and our partners were able to respond quickly and help more people than ever.

But there is still more work to do.

Thousands of people are still struggling. Many face complex problems that existed before the pandemic that got worse during COVID-19. 

Through our Community Essentials work, United Way gives immediate relief to people to help them recover from crises. But just as important, supporters of United Way of Champaign County help make long-term solutions possible. The kind of solutions that help us rebuild a community that creates more opportunities and fewer divisions. The kind of solutions that help us reimagine our community and change the unjust systems that hold so many back. 

You can power this kind of good. More people in our community need help to put food on the table, pay rent, develop strong work skills and so much more. We have programs and partners who can help our most vulnerable and you can ensure more people have access to the help they need. 

When you donate to United Way of Champaign County you will:

  • Build a community where every child has the resources and support to succeed in school
  • Help our youth grow to their full potential
  • Support adults as they navigate challenging times

Will you come together again to show our most vulnerable neighbors what is possible when we all Show Up United? 

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