Sponsor Spotlight: Busey Bank

For over 30 years Busey has been a strong supporter of United Way of Champaign County through their workplace campaigns, their participation in volunteer opportunities and special events, and their position as a Leadership Giving Sponsor of the Pillar Program.

Busey was awarded the 2015 Employee Campaign of the Year for raising more than $210,000 through payroll deductions, one-time donations and workplace fundraising events. Serving as co-chair of the 2015 fundraising campaign alongside his wife, Jeana, Chris Shroyer, President & Chief Executive Officer of Busey Bank, credits the high level of engagement among its associates to the fact that working with United Way allows them to see the issues in our community and have an impactful role in fixing them. “One way our organization provides assistance is through the support of and partnerships with charitable organizations—including the United Way. Our associates have the opportunity to donate to and volunteer for causes they’re most passionate about—making a real difference in our own community,” he says.

Busey understands the positive change and lasting impact United Way has on our neighbors in need, seeing its partnership with United Way as a social responsibility that allows their associates to tackle issues in the community. “From lending a helping hand at a volunteer event to giving financially during our annual workplace campaign,”  says Van Dukeman, President & Chief Executive Officer of First Busey Corporation, “our associates work hand-in-hand with the United Way and their partner agencies to address the most pressing issues in our community.” They also recognize that hosting the annual workplace campaign provides a service to their own associates by creating a convenient and efficient way for them to donate. Busey works hard to get their associates excited about donating by hosting breakfasts, speakers, and friendly competitions during their campaign. All this hard work pays off—25% of Busey associates who give to United Way in Champaign and Ford counties are Pillar donors.

Busey’s longstanding support of United Way was demonstrated once again when they became a Leadership Giving Sponsor of the Pillar Program. Chris explained Busey’s sponsorship of the Pillar Program by saying, “A great way to support the United Way in their mission is to be a Pillar in the Leadership Giving program. Pillars lead by example through their generosity—contributing more than $2 million to the United Way last year alone. Busey is a proud supporter of the Pillar Leadership Giving program. We invite other organizations to join us at any level in supporting the United Way and in investing in the building blocks for a good life: education, income and health.”