Sponsor Spotlight: Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates

Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates first began supporting United Way of Champaign County when the firm opened in 1982. Kim Martin, Founding Partner, had given to United Way through his previous employer and wanted to bring the model of community impact to his new firm. The longer the firm was involved with United Way, the more they could see the issues first hand and the more they realized that United Way understands how to serve the needs of our community.

Martin’s dedication to United Way and to instilling a spirit of generosity and philanthropy in his office has paid off. For many years now, Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates has earned the 100% Participation award for their workplace campaign. Employees are excited to support the campaign because they understand that their money goes through United Way directly to the issues they see and experience in their own community.

In 2014, United Way asked Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates to step up again as a Leadership Giving Sponsor of the Pillar Program. Martin says, “It was an easy yes from all the partners right away. It is great to be part of the larger group of Pillars doing joint work for our community.” And the firm certainly is an important part of the Pillar group, with 13 employees giving at the Pillar level.

Martin says he sees the impact of working with United Way not only out in the community, but within the firm as well, as it has created a culture of serving and helping the community. He adds that when a business gives back, “You get recognition and return on your investment. People want to support you when you support the community. I would really encourage new businesses to get involved.”