Community Change Grants

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United Way provides grant funding and leadership on local collaborations that work to improve the Education, Health, and Financial Stability of every person in our community. Together, we are fighting for solutions to longstanding issues and removing barriers that prevent our community from thriving.

We are uniquely positioned to address the biggest issues affecting our community. With these initiatives, we go beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change and impact thousands of lives in Champaign County.  All of Champaign County deserves to thrive - this is what we fight for.

Current Community Change Grant Areas

NEW! Victory over Violence

A solutions-driven response to stop the cycle of violence, support our youth, and build a safer Champaign County for all.

Over the past few years, our community has seen a precipitous rise in violence. Of particular concern is the rise in violence among our youth and young adults. There are proven strategies which will reduce community violence - and we are implementing those right here in Champaign County.

Learn more about United Way's collaboration to achieve Victory over Violence.

Early Grade Level Success

Supporting our children so they may reach their full potential.

School readiness has a major impact on success in school, work, and life. 45% of local kindergarteners were not prepared for the first day of school. United Way's Early Grade Level Success program is focused on building a strong educational foundation for all children in Champaign County.

Learn more about United Way's collaboration to improve Early Grade Level Success.

Child Well-Being

Preventing child maltreatment and building healthier families through mental health and trauma-responsive services.

All children in Champaign County deserve to grow up in a supportive, loving home. This is critical if we wish for every child to achieve their full potential. The dual risks of child abuse and neglect and mental health issues threaten the well-being of children and can have significant negative long-term impacts.

Learn more about United Way's collaboration to improve Child Well-Being.

United for Equity

Building a stronger Champaign County nonprofit sector to serve all people.

Our United for Equity grant parnterships are creating change in the nonprofit sector by building community awareness, encouraging collaboration, creating more Firsts, and helping break down barriers to success.

Learn more about United Way's United for Equity Grant collaborations.


Future Grant Information

United Way opens Requests for Proposals and Grant Opportunities throughout the year. If you would like to receive notice of these opportunities, please fill out the form below.

Please note, United Way of Champaign County grants are awarded to registered nonprofit organizations or organizations with a nonprofit fiscal agent. We do not award grants to individuals.