Workplace Initiative

Accessibility Options

If you want to help your employees see the value of their United Way contributions, get involved in our workplace community involvement plan.

Why workplace community involvement?

Your employees will:

  • Feel good about helping out.
  • Share their skills with others.
  • Express gratitude for help they may have received.
  • Connect with others in their community.
  • Enhance your company’s commitment to service in the community.
  • Make a difference in someone’s life.

This is how we LIVE UNITED!


How can your company get involved in the community through volunteering?

Jump in where you’re ready:

  • serve as a collection facility for wish list items for an agency
  • complete volunteer projects at your workplace
  • provide one-time event support
  • complete an on site project
  • Adopt-an-Agency

United Way of Champaign County can help! To develop a customized workplace community involvement plan, contact Sue Grey.