Celebrate Women and Challenge Inequity

Illustration of three women at various ages in life

Many organizations ask you to give and do what you can. But the call to fight gender bias isn’t just about a donation. It’s about connection and advocacy. We know that the power of women is boundless and when people come together to connect with women and girls, powerful relationships are made. Even people who are not mentorship experts, know that it is something that can benefit others. But how can it benefit you? Here are six ways.


  1. Mentoring provides a meaningful out-of-work activity.

Napping. Exercise. Catching up on your favorite TV shows. These are all relaxing ways to recuperate after a long work week. The point is to regain the energy that hard work may drain away. Mentoring can be extremely rewarding and fill you with energy that comes from interacting with another human being.  Become a part of that impact through Big Brothers Big Sisters or CU 1 to 1 Mentoring.


  1. Increase your understanding of the bigger picture.
    When you mentor a young woman or girl, you take a big step in helping another human. But you also are increasing your awareness and understanding of the bigger picture of gender bias in our world. A worrying 38% of companies don’t have any activities in place to develop women leaders. So become a leader and create a leader in your mentee.


  1. Mentoring can help advance your career.
    Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, this relationship will take your career further. Mentoring in the workplace can provide opportunities for networking and broadening perspectives of a company’s business. It can also provide great opportunities for women who want to join the upper management of their organization. Consider joining our Women United program for personal development and mentorship.


  1. Honor women who challenge inequity to create change.
    Mentors and mentees can be of any age or stage in life. But if you are thinking of mentoring a young woman or girl, be aware of the possible benefits. For example, youth with mentors have higher self-esteem, motivation in school and make better life choices. Imagine what women and girls could achieve by fighting the ways gender bias hurts self-esteem. United Way of Champaign County supports programs that give opportunities to introduce mentoring into young women's lives.


  1. Make a connection online.
    Many people have second thoughts about the convenience of a mentoring relationship. They think they won’t have time or are turned off by the idea of fighting traffic to get to a location. During the age of COVID-19 and even during more “normal” times, it may be more convenient for you to engage in mentoring activities online. There are many shorter and longer-term activities that don’t have to be done face-to-face.


  1. Support a positive cause and benefit from good feelings.
    A celebration of International Women’s Day naturally focuses on women and girls, but men can be involved too. Invite the men in your life to join the fight in challenging gender inequity in our world.