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United We Change the Conversation About Mental Health

Join the conversation. Change the conversation. 

In times of crisis, like the one we face now, it’s especially important to support mental health. Studies show that one in five adults experience mental illness, yet less than half receive the support they need.
Many individuals do not seek mental health treatment because of a lack of resources or the feared stigma attached to mental illness. 
You can help United Way of Champaign County change the conversation around mental health in our communities.


Eight Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

The months of July and August in Champaign County are filled with sweet corn, the county fair, family reunions … and often, oppressive heat and humidity.

During a heat wave, those at highest risk are senior citizens, the very young, physically impaired, and people who are on certain medications that impair the body’s ability to regulate temperature. Heat stroke is serious and can be life-threatening.

Here’s some tips to help beat the heat.